Competition | win a vegetable spiralizer!

Happy August everyone!  To celebrate the start of a brand new month, here’s an awesome competition!


“Perfect for creating thin slices, continuous spiral strands and ribbons, this spiralizer is great to use as a carb free alternative to pasta dishes, salads and garnishes. Vegetables can be cooked quicker so more vitamins and nutrients are retained. With three interchangeable blades, that store safely underneath the spiralizer, and a spiked wheel for a firm hold you can easily turn the handle to create thin slices of vegetable perfection.”

There are lots of great recipes and inspiration available online, as well as some great books too!

You can enter the competition through Facebook, Twitter or by leaving a comment on this very page!  You can enter multiple times using the different options on the Rafflecopter below (e.g. one Facebook page visit = 1 entry, 1 Twitter follow = 1 entry etc)

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Terms & conditions apply.  Good luck!

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  1. I would spiralise cabbageand carrot because I like to make my own coleslaw and it would make my job easier

  2. I have a very tiny spiraliser which was given away instore and have enjoyed spiralling carrots and courgettes. It is so tiny and not very effective so I have been wanting a proper spiraliser for a while now.

  3. I would spiralise vegetables, i am on a healthy get fit diet so this would make the food more appetizing, would also do fruit for my desert.

  4. My daughter has recently turned vegetarian and I’d love to make a wider range of dishes with a variety of spiralized vegetables.

  5. I would spiralize courgettes and sweet potatoes to help cut down on calories and get more vegetables into my diet

  6. I would love to win as I am trying to eat healthier. I’d Spiralize courgettes to have instead of spaghetti, and sweet potatoes

  7. i have read fantastic reviews about this. i think my 3 year old would love spiral carrots, cucumber with her food. what an amazing idea!

  8. A spiralizer seems like a great idea, particularily when your gluten intolerant. I could spiralise a lot of my organic home grown veggies too!

  9. I would love to win a spiralizer because it’s a healthier way to cook veg and my kids seem to love spiralized food . My mum has one and they can’t seem to get enough of her amazing spiralized recipes! I’ve never seen them eat so much veg lol

  10. I’d try courgette first, but I’d really like to try potato and then bake curly chips. Not sure if it would work but it would be fun trying.

  11. I would spiralise courgette, cucumber, carrots etc.
    I would love to have one because I am vegan and would love to have some to eat my vegetables in a different way.

  12. I would spiralise lots of veg like courgettes carrots and sweet potatoes also salad cucumber and spring onions

  13. I really want to try courgetti so courgettes would be the fisrt thing I’d have a go at, then I’d try all kinds of vegetables

  14. I’d love to win this to help me stay on plan with my slimming world diet and try to avoid eating so much pasta

  15. I would spiralize lots of vegetables, starting with courgettes and carrots to have instead of my gluten free pasta.

  16. Spiralising the veggies like carrots would make them a lot more interesting… would be a good way to encourage the kids to eat them!

  17. I would love to try spirallized courgette, may even be a great way to get my little ones to eat their veggies

  18. I think this is a fun way to encourage kids to eat veg and fruit. Mine hate carrots. Would love to spirialise them to see if they would try them

  19. I’d like to win because I’ve been promising to buy myself one to put a different “spin” on all the allotment veg: courgettes, carrots etc

  20. I am a vegetarian and would make a colourful salad with the spiralizer using beetroot and green and yellow courgette and then add tofu and tomatoes.

  21. I would love to win because I would love to be able to spiralize vegetables to use in place of pasta! I also love my salads and to be able to adorn with spiralized courgette and things would be brilliant 🙂

  22. would love to win as would like to serve veggies in some different ways and use them instead of pasta – I’ spiralize courgettes for a start

  23. would love to try one.ive seen so many recipies I would like to try. I would start with courgette I think.

  24. I’d love to use it for all veg so i can add it to my salads and eat it raw, which is more nutritious. I’ve bought carrots and courgettes spiralised fresh but they don’t last long, so to do it quickly from fresh the same day would be amazing.

  25. I’m on a bit of a health kick – and trying to get the family on board too – would love to try courgetti!

  26. I want to win as I like experimenting with food to make it look good! I would spiralize courgette,butternut squash, carrot, cucumber, sweet potatoes and lots of vegetables. 🙂

  27. Because I do slimming world so it would be marvelous!!! I’d makje courgette spaghetti and carrot spaghetti! X

  28. It would help support our healthier lifestyle campaign. I think it would be great for making salads and courgette spaghetti 🙂

  29. I would love to win this to be more creative with my food, I would use it to add vegetable to pasta dishes, salads and more x

  30. I would love to win this as I have a courgetti ‘habit’ – it is lush with a light pesto or with a little lemon zest…I am salivating thinking about it. I’d also like to spiralise some beetroot, which is fab and most excellent for you.

  31. I would love to win so I can make some healthy alternative meals. Courgetti Bolognese would be the first thing I would make – yum yum

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