Hassle-Free Hosting: How To Plan An Unforgettable Party

Hassle-Free Hosting: How To Plan An Unforgettable Party

Planning any kind of event can be stressful. You’re eager to please everyone, and there’s a seemingly endless to-do list to conquer.

If you’re hosting, here are some tips to eliminate any hassle and help you plan a night to remember.
Be organised
This sounds obvious. But if you keep track of what’s done, and what needs doing, you’ll save yourself a whole load of stress. Use lists, spreadsheets or phone reminders to help you plan and manage your time. Make sure you update your records every time you get an RSVP, or you tick a job off.

Once you’ve decided on a date and venue, let your guests know. The earlier you can send a card or text, the better. Make sure you specify an RSVP date. This will give you time to work out final numbers and make any final changes before the event.


Project Plan Templates, Excel spreadsheets

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Get help
Are you laying on a feast or serving up an array of drinks? Are you hosting at home or hiring a room that needs decorating? Planning a party is a lot to take on. If you’ve got people volunteering their time and skills, don’t turn them down. If you’re having a party at home, consider your options. For a large gathering, it may be worth considering getting caterers in or coming up with simple ideas. Sharing boards are a great idea if you don’t plan to have a sit-down meal.


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Work out what you’re wearing
If you’re surrounded by spreadsheets and worrying about dietary requirements, you may lose track of time. Before you know it, the party is a week away, and you’ve got nothing to wear. If you’re panicking, you’re likely to get stressed. Last-minute shopping can result in you plumping for something that isn’t quite right. You want to feel comfortable and confident. Try and make time to plan your outfit. Take an afternoon off to go shopping with a friend and try some outfits for size. Don’t just think about a dress or a skirt and top. Make sure you’ve got the right underwear and accessories. If you haven’t got much time, you could check out options like b tempted lingerie online. You’ll be much more excited about the party once you know you’re going to look fabulous.


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Book entertainment
The last thing you want at a party is people standing around looking bored. After the initial drinks reception, make sure the evening flows. Book some entertainment or run an auction if you’re hosting a gala event or a charity ball. If you’re having a dinner party, set up some games or make a DIY photo booth.


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Party planning isn’t always plain sailing. But it can be fun if you keep on top of jobs and plan ahead. Book a venue and confirm a date, and then send out your invites. Get friends and family involved in the organisation, or enlist some professional help. Give yourself plenty of time to choose an outfit and get ready. Give your guests something to talk about with some live entertainment or a few classic dinner party games. Most importantly, relax, and have fun!