The Home Maintenance Work Nobody Wants To Do

The Home Maintenance Work Nobody Wants To Do

Homeowners are responsible for the maintenance of their home. While everybody accepts this easily, not many feel very positive about it. Indeed, maintaining your home in a clear and functioning condition is hard work, and it’s no wonder that too many homeowners choose to delay the maintenance works. However, sometimes the necessity can be stronger than the will. There are home maintenance works that have to be done as soon as possible because the impact they have is visible in your everyday life. These relate to emergency repairs in your house. What are these and when to do them?

old house

Don’t let old age destroy your house

Keep The Cold Out

Nobody likes a cold house. If your house is 10 or more, it is likely that it doesn’t feel as warm as it used to in the first days. The heating in turned up to the maximum, you are wearing a thick jumper and holding a mug of hot tea, but this isn’t enough to fight the cold inside the house. If this situation is familiar to you, you probably experience high energy bills despite being cold inside. This calls for a check of your insulation system. Indeed, old insulation sheets that you find under the roof and in the walls can gradually lose its ability through the years due to a variety of factors from water damage to old age. So you should get a professional to check your system and eventually organise a replacement with modern insulation sheets and insulation adhesives. You will feel the difference immediately! Additionally, old windows will need to be replaced every 10 or 15 years as they can let the cold air in and facilitate the presence of humidity in the air. This is a high investment, but you will immediately feel the difference in your everyday life and on your energy bills!


Keep The Rain Out

Another type of repair that is intimately connected to the quality of life in a house is related to rain, something that most British homeowners would be experienced with. The external house structure, the roof, and the walls are weakened by the elements they protect you from, whether it is the weather, the air humidity, or even pest. Consequently, it’s not uncommon for a roof or for your external walls to need a bit of professional love to continue to keep the house safe and dry. Old age also plays a role, as most roofs need to be changed every 20 to 30 years.


Keep The Heat In

It comes as no surprise that boilers need to be replaced regularly. Every 10 to 15 years, your boiler will need changing. While this is a normal process, most homeowners prefer to wait until the situation becomes an emergency and the boiler has stopped functioning. Keep track of your boiler’s age to get a deal with your preferred boiler company when you are still in a position to choose your options. Similarly, your heating system will need cleaning every year to avoid bubbles of air building up in your radiators. Here again, you should be looking at changing any heating system that is over 15-year-old, as it isn’t energy-efficient anymore.