Futuristic Furnishings

Futuristic Furnishings

When you think about ‘futuristic furnishings’ you probably think about out-of-this-world pieces of furniture that wouldn’t look amiss in a space ship. You probably think about dining tables that don’t have legs or bathtubs shaped like pods that open and close. However, when trying to make your home look a bit more futuristic, it doesn’t mean you have to make it look like you’re trying to recreate a space centre. You can retain a sense of stylish home décor, whilst still throwing your décor into the next century.

You can begin to do so by staying lightyears ahead with the lighting you choose both in your home and outside of it. Transform your decking with LED decking lights to give your area of relaxation a handy dose of light when the darkness of night has fallen upon it (and to make sure anybody who you may invite over for a summer garden party don’t fall over after a few drinks), as well as making it look like it is an area that could quite easily be found on a spaceship. And once you’ve dealt with the outside of your house, go back indoors and brighten that up too; if you want to continue with the ‘space ship’ theme, then an innermost asteroid lamp is the perfect item to get a hold of, especially if you want to leave a lasting impression on anybody who may see it. You can transform any room with lighting, which is why you should pay a whole lot of attention to it in the future.

LED lighting


And now you’re back indoors, you should get to bringing in the the most futuristic, and the funkiest, utensils to use in your kitchen. And where better to start than your bread bin? You may be thinking that there is no way that a bread bin can be ‘funky’ whilst it still serves its practical use or protecting bread. However, after taking just one look at the Space Master, for instance, you’ll see that this can be done; it has enough room to fit a number of loaves of bread in whilst it sits in your kitchen looking all funky and futuristic. You can spruce up a number of your other regular kitchen utensils as well,  like knife sets and dish racks — take a look here to see what takes your fancy.

If it’s the basics of your home that you’re trying to bring into the future and spruce up, then there are a plethora of places to start. For instance, you could modernise your water depositories, such as your taps, by investing in a automatic sensor faucet. Doing so will reduce cross contamination, as the whole system is touch less, as well as making your guests wonder whether they are in the swankiest of modern hotels, rather than in your home, when they wash their hands. You could also bring the showers of the future into your home in the present by bringing in a built-in-shower speaker.

So, if you want to bring the technologies and furnishings of the future into your home now, then don’t be scared to do so. Fortune, and the future, favours those that do, rather than those that don’t.