Garden Go-To’s For The Green Thumbed Mum

Garden Go-To’s For The Green Thumbed Mum

Getting your garden ready for planting is a big job. You can create a fantastic family garden but it takes time and if you have children around, they will likely want to get involved. Let them! Using nature as a way to teach them where vegetables come from and how flowers grow is a fantastic, hands-on learning opportunity. Create a space in your garden solely for children to plant and you can have a family garden to be proud of.

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Turning over the soil to create somewhere to plant and calling in pest control to eject any mice or wasps that have created a home in the garden are the first things you should think of doing before you plant your new garden. Next, you should think about garden furniture and how you can optimise your garden for plant and vegetable growth, such as ensuring planting takes place in sunshine areas. Those among you who do not have a knack for gardening can follow this easy guide and make sure your garden is ready for planting this year. Most wannabe gardeners are not professional ones but do have an idea of what they want their outdoor space to look like. Most beginner gardeners need to do a hefty amount of research and if you want the children involved, you should all do this together.

To make your garden family-friendly, start with the soil. Get some tools from the local garden centre – and get child-size ones too! – and start digging and loosening the garden bed soil. Add new soil to the mix and turn it all over to ensure beautiful flowers grow well in that space. A garden is a whole new world for children and watching their faces when they’re planting their seeds, knowing they’ll see brand new flowers sprout in the next few weeks is a picture! Always zone out your garden and mark a visible area for children to be able to plant their own flowers. It’s something that you are giving them responsibility for and they take pride in their little patch of earth.

There are some fantastic tools like these you can buy for children to use for planting, and you can invest in some colourful decorations for their side. Add in some exciting patio furniture and lay down natural grass seed for a beautiful lawn. If you don’t have the time to wait, invest in great artificial grass so you have a year-round green space in the garden. You’ll reduce pests in the garden if they don’t have somewhere natural to nest. When you plant your flowers, make sure you pick those that are going to grow in time for the summer so that when the warmer months where you want to spend time in the garden come around, you’re prepared.

You don’t necessarily have to be a genius at gardening, you just have to have a good eye for colour and detail. Your garden can be perfect for the approaching summer and your children being with you gives you a fab bonding experience that is not to be missed.