Skin SOS!

Skin SOS!

Save our souls? Actually, it should be more like save our skins! As there are so many skin emergencies that can happen, and it can be super difficult to know what to do for the best when they do. The really important thing is to match the skin crisis with the right treatment to get back to normal as quickly as possible. So read on to find exactly what issues you could experience with your skin and how to deal with them if you do.

Dry skin

Dry skin is probably one of the most common issues that we can run into in skincare. It can be caused by a variety of reasons such as hormonal imbalances, the soap or wash that we are using, or being out in the elements in the depths of winter when the weather in particular rough.

But what does dry skin feel like? Well to the touch it often feels taut and flaky, and from a subjective perspective, it can feel very tight and uncomfortable. It’s also possible that this dry skin is accompanied by intense itching which is very unpleasant.

However dealing with dry skin isn’t all that hard. Of course, moisturising helps, but you need to make sure that you are using the right product for the issue you are experiencing. For example, you may have the richest moisturiser, but if it is highly perfumed or coloured your skin may react to this badly. Especially if it is sensitive. That is why it’s best to use something unperfumed like E45.

Obviously just moisturising will only help so much, and you also need to address the underlying issue that is causing your skin to dry out so much. Perhaps you would benefit from drinking more water, using sensitive washing powders and toiletries, or even using a barrier cream when out in harsh weather conditions?


Another skin condition that can result in an SOS situation is Rosacea. Rosacea is often mistaken for other skin issues, such as acne or sunburn due to the nature of the red patches on the skin. However, it is a totally unrelated condition.

The condition tends to present as redness in the cheeks that doesn’t go away, accompanied by broken blood vessels. It can spread to all over the face, and in more severe case result in spots and lesions as well.

Obviously, it is a difficult condition to have despite not being particularly painful. As it does severely affect the sufferer’s physical appearance and so their confidence, as well.

But can anything be done about this condition? Well, yes, there is topical cream, that you doctor can provide on prescription that can help to decrease the redness in your face. It is also possible to follow a particular diet designed to reduce the issue.

Another possibility is to use a camouflage cream makeup. Which is designed to be highly pigmented, so it will cover over the redness and allow you look like your usual self.


Discovering that you have acne is another situation in which you might call a skin SOS! While it’s most common in teenagers, acne is also experienced by people up to around 30 years old as well.

It’s thought to be caused by hormonal changes in the body, and the there are six different types of acne blemish that you can get. Some of these are more serious than others such cysts which can leave a nasty scar if not treated properly.

The most important thing if you are suffering from the condition to remember is that trying to pop the spots is going to get you nowhere. All this does is further open your skin to infection and increase the risks of scarring, which most people with acne are trying to avoid.

Obviously, having a skin condition such as acne can play havoc with your confidence and it’s best to get it sorted out as quickly as possible. Your first port of call will be over the counter medication at your pharmacist. Then if you aren’t having too much luck with that; a medicated topical cream, a prescription cream like Differin gel for acne may be the next stage.

Acne located on the chest or back may also be difficult to treat and may require antibiotics from your doctor.

Remember though that most acne treatments take at least three months to kick in, so don’t expect overnight miracles. Also makes sure to treat your skin with care in that time, washing it no more than twice a day in gentle fashion.