Summer Fun, Planning’s Begun…

Summer Fun, Planning’s Begun…

Summer starts on June 1st, so it might feel like you have awhile to go when it comes to your planning. After all, there’s a couple of bank holidays and a week off in May to contend with first.

However, those are nothing compared to the long stretch of the summer holidays. While we remember as kids the delight of those long weeks off, stretching into the distance waiting to be filled with memories, we experience them a little differently as adults. No longer are the school summer holidays a blessing – they’re a demand on our time and ability to organise.

Putting together a good summer schedule is essential for many reasons, but the top of the list is your sanity. When the days aren’t filled, the risk of bored children – and potentially some mild resulting havoc – can loom on the horizon, waiting to swallow you whole. So while it might seem a little bit early, why not start looking into your options for a summer of fun?

One way of doing this is to group activities into sections. That way, you can ensure you’re getting the balance right, and that you always have a different-enough alternative if one idea is turned down. To get you going, here are a few suggestions.

CATEGORY: Educational

Summer might mean that school’s out, but that doesn’t mean the education has to stop. Of course, it’s probably best not to present these as educational options to your kids – you don’t want a rebellion on your hands!


  • Visit castles. There are castles dotted all over the UK, and the vast majority are equipped for a day trip that will both enthral and educate children. Particular highlights are the “reenactment” days. For example, the Wars of the Roses will come to life this summer at Warwick Castle with several days of pageantry and even a jousting tournament.
  • Take a trip into outer space. Not literally, of course (that might need a bit more prep than a single summer!). The Planetarium in London makes for a great day out, while the National Space Centre has a number of innovative new ideas for the coming season.


CATEGORY: Energetic and Enthusiastic

You don’t want to hit the educational category too hard, so why not lighten the mood with something more exciting?

  • The likes of Bawtry Paintball Fields offer a great day out for kids and can exhaust some energy while they’re at it. Fun for big and little kids alike, it can be a day for the family or even serve as a party location if you have any summer birthdays.
  • Theme parks are exciting around this time of year. The two big ones are Alton Towers in Staffordshire and Thorpe Park in Surrey. For most, your choice will depend on which is closest – though it might be worth venturing further afield for something different!

CATEGORY: Calm and Relaxing

A little bit of time out from the busy summer holidays, where you can relax as a family.

  • There are many National Parks to choose from, but a particular delight for families is the Peak District in Derbyshire.
  • If you fancy sunning yourself on the beach without the flight abroad, then the Cornish beaches are probably your best bet. Newquay, in particular, is a favourite with tourists, and it’s not hard to see why.