Your Entryway Is Key: It Sets The Tone Of Your Home

Your Entryway Is Key: It Sets The Tone Of Your Home

When it comes to sprucing up your home and making it pop a little more, the last room on our list is the entryway (not strictly a room, but you know what we mean). It goes like this: kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedrooms, attic, downstairs loo, utility room, basement, next-door-neighbors home and then the hallway. It’s as if we don’t really value the impact our entryway has on our homes feel and allure. But it does. It really does.

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Your entry is the very first thing your guests will notice. And that means it is one of those places that can easily add style to your home. It’s that place that sets the tone for the rest of your home because, well, first impressions count for everything. You want to wow from the get go, not have them think ‘oh, yeah, this is, umm, nice” until they get to your kitchen. It’s too late by then.

You want this to be as gorgeous as everywhere else, and here are some cost-effective ways you can do this:


Dual Purpose Floor

When you walk in, you want your floor does work wonders for you and that is where having a runner or a rug comes in. Not only will this act as a gorgeous statement piece that ups the pulse a little bit, it will also play the all-important role of hiding dirt. We don’t mean that in a grubby sense. We just mean it will stop mud and dust from shoes being spread around the rest of your home.

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Eye-Catching Furniture

Having a piece of furniture that makes a statement and sets the tone of your home is a great addition to any entryway. It could be that you have a lovely bright armchair tucked in a corner for guests to sit on and take their boots of, or it could be a console with generous storage that provides a de-cluttering option for all your outdoor gear. A bold dressing table is another option, providing a practical place to put keys and pictures, while also being beautifully striking.

Let There Be Light

How you choose to illuminate the entryway has one of the most profound impacts on a space. What’s more, you can be a little more experimental in your hallway than in other rooms. First off, ceiling lights can be used to highlight little features that you would love to pop, such as that statement furniture, or a piece of art, or you could simply impress with a chandelier. Then there is your choice of lamps. The look we love at the moment is those floor standing vintage tripod lights. These not only serve the purpose of providing light but also double up as a striking piece of furniture.

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Excite With A Gallery

An easy and personal way to add a little bit of excitement to your walls is to have a gallery of photos or even empty frames with bits and pieces dangling in the middle. What this will do is grab a person’s intrigue the moment they walk in, draw out a smile and show immediately what type of home it is. On the other hand, if you use mirrors, you’ll make your entryway seem bigger and brighter, which is a lovely feeling to achieve.

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