Why Parents Should Embrace the App

Why Parents Should Embrace the App

Most of us have something of a love / hate relationship with digital technology. We can’t stop complaining about it, yet our world seems to come to an end when it breaks or isn’t working. We use smart phones, tablets, gadgets and apps in our work and our leisure time either enthusiastically or begrudgingly. But many of us balk when it comes to incorporating digital technology into our parenting activities. It’s an understandable impulse, especially if your relationship with your smartphone is a little rocky. Technology is inherently unreliable. It breaks, it crashes and sometimes it’s just plain unfathomable.

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However, many parents are unaware just how helpful digital technology can be for them and their children. While nobody’s suggesting that you entrust your children to a robot nanny (yes, they exist and they’re every bit as terrifying as you’d expect), there are few parents who wouldn’t benefit from adding a few select apps to their repertoire. Let’s look at a few now and how they can benefit you.

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Know where your kids are


Remember when you were young? You’d spend endless summer days playing, laughing, joking and hanging out with friends before returning home to a chorus of “Where on Earth have you been? I’ve been worried sick!”. If that sentence still makes you shudder decades later, you’ll be delighted to know that you can spare your kids that dreaded confrontation because you’ll know exactly where they are when out at play with the Find My Kids App! As well as tracking your kids through GPS, you can use the app to set a perimeter around your home ands receive an alert when they leave it.


Make sure they’re entertained


When you’ve endured year after year of summer holidays with the kids off school, then you know how easily they get bored. It’s astonishing how quickly they’ll blitz through every DVD and bluray in their cabinet and make short work of the offerings on whatever streaming service you might use. Finding content that’s age-appropriate and enjoyable for them is a full time job in itself. Wouldn’t it be great if someone could spare you that drudgery. Well, worry no more because Azoomee is a Safe Kids App from the Bafta-winning kids’ entertainment app. It contains great TV shows, films, cartoons and digital books that will keep your kids entertained for hours on end.


Know that they’re safe on social media


Most modern parents know that keeping an eye on your kids’ interaction with the world and their powers is only half the battle nowadays. There’s a whole other world in which your kids are going to communicate, learn and develop and that’s online. Love it or loathe it, the internet isn’t going anywhere and you kids need to learn to use it responsibly. Mamabear is a useful tool to give parents peace of mind. It uses the same GPS tracking as Find My Kids, but you can also monitor your kids’ social media activity and even their text messaging with alerts that let you know if they’re tagged in a photo or even if they use bad language.