5 tips on how to get a good deal on dental implants in Croatia

5 tips on how to get a good deal on dental implants in Croatia

It is definitely a good idea to always be thrifty and stretch your resources well. However, your health, especially quality dental work is something you should not grudge paying for. If you have recently lost a tooth or teeth or are planning to get rid of your old dentures and replace them with a permanent solution, consider dental implants. Not ready to pay £2,400 for a single tooth implant? There is a solution: discover dental implants in Croatia where quality meets pocket-friendly price.

You surely expect value for money. But if you are faced with a choice of paying £2,400 per implant at a local clinic or £740 per same quality implant in Croatia, which option would you choose? The answer is simple. What is more, you can combine your dental treatment with wonderful holidays in one of the most beautiful European countries. Croatia is known for its hot, cloudless and dry summers, gorgeous coastline and warm Adriatic Sea. Do not miss the opportunity this summer – kill two birds with one stone.

We present you 5 tips on how to get affordable dental implants in Croatia:

  1. Compare the prices. Use the link above to compare dental implant cost in Croatia and in other countries like Czech Republic, Cyprus, Mexico or the UK. The minimum cost per one implant in Croatia is EUR840 (£740), average cost is EUR1,014 (£890) and the maximum cost is EUR1,189 (£1,043). It is still considerably cheaper than in the UK. Remember that all prices on the website are quoted in euros, not British pounds.
  2. Do your own online research on dental implant systems and procedures. Make sure you understand what dental implant surgery involves. You can visit DentalimplantsFriends.com for the most comprehensive Dental Implants Guide. If you have a question, check for the answer in Dental Implants Knowledge Base.
  3. Pick the best dental clinic in Croatia. How to choose a clinic for your needs the smart way? Pay attention to the dentists’ years of experience, the number of implants placed a year, whether the clinic provides free emergency contact available 24 hours a day, what the warranty of the implants is. Check what travel assistance the clinic provides. Choose the one which offers the whole package: airport pick-up & drop-off, hotel-clinic transfer and general travel assistance or foreign patient coordinator. You want to make the experience as easy, smooth and convenient as possible. You should know that many dental clinics abroad are focused on foreign patients (mostly English-speaking patients like you) and offer help in booking your accommodation or even flights.
  4. Get a voucher – even EUR199 off! Check on dentalimplantsfriends.com for discount vouchers for dental implant treatment. You can get 110-199 Euros off your next bill. Simply click on the voucher and fill in a short form to let the clinic know you want to use the discount.
  5. Book a budget flight & accommodation and voilà! You are on the right track to brand new Hollywood smile for a fraction of the price.


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