Playtime made safer with Soft Surfaces

Playtime made safer with Soft Surfaces

I spend so much time in playgrounds now that my little boy is a toddler.  We are lucky enough to have a park just 5 minutes walk away, and it has a lovely little playground area that’s perfect for his age.  He has seemingly limitless energy that means that he wants to rush from slide to climbing frame to swings.

Seeing my little boy racing around the playground, running as fast as his little legs will carry him, fills me with dread!  Honestly, watching him running without a care in the world is equal parts joyful and terrifying for me.  What if he falls over??  What if he cracks his head open?!  Agh!  As a parent, I find myself thinking about the “what ifs” all the time.  Pretty much every where you look, there are hazards, so i’m on high alert all the time.

Thank heavens for companies like Soft Surfaces who help to make playgrounds that little bit safer for kids (and their worrying parents!).  They do things like working out the Critical Fall Height of the play apparatus and install the required depth to ensure children are not at risk in the event they fall off the play area equipment!  Being the UK’s leading play area surfacing company, they know what they’re talking about!  And if it feels like you’re bouncing along as you’re walking, that can only be a good thing.

I’m a big fan of wetpour surfacing… I never really liked the wood-chipping style.  It always feels like it’s going to do more damage than good (stuck in knees, caught in the eyes!!).

It’s doesn’t take the fear of being a mum of a tearaway toddler away, but it certainly gives me a little peace of mind knowing that – should he fall off – it is unlikely to be as bad as it could be.

*This is a collaborative post with Soft Surfaces*