How to get the best from Invisalign treatment

How to get the best from Invisalign treatment

People who spend time and money on cosmetic dentistry like Invisalign braces want to do everything possible to ensure the best possible results. This is a handy guide to allow the patient to get the most out of the treatment; and to emerge with a smile that allows increased confidence and self-esteem.

Make a commitment

One of the advantages of having the teeth straightened using Invisalign is that the retainer can be removed when desired. However, in order for it to be most effective, the retainer must be worn for most of the day, every day.

During the first couple of days after being fitted with Invisalign, the patient should wear for as much of the time as is possible – ideally even during sleep. Wearing the aligners during sleep helps the mouth to become accustomed to them and minimise the healing period.

For the entire course of treatment, aligners should be in place as much of every 24 hour period as possible – ideally around 22 hours. The dentist gives specific advice to the patient on the period of time the aligners should be worn for; following this advice and having them in place for most of the time means that the best possible results can be expected.

Maintain high standards of hygiene

The patient should clean and floss their teeth three times daily, ideally after mealtimes. This helps to prevent food getting stuck and the build up of bacteria – both of which could spoil the results of Invisalign treatment.

Retainers should be plunged into warm water (with retainer solution if the dentist suggests it) around once a week. It’s also important to keep them clean when the patient has had to remove them by storing them in the case that has been specifically designed for that purpose.

Choose drinks carefully

One of the great advantages of having the teeth improved using Invisalign is that there is no restriction on the kinds of foods that can be eaten – as the aligners are designed to be taken out for meals. However, the patient should exercise some care when it comes to the kinds of drinks they have between meals.

The heat from drinks like tea or coffee can change the shape of the aligners, making them less effective; and both beverages can cause stains. For these reasons, these are best avoided during the period of treatment.

Sugary or coloured drinks are best avoided, as both can cause staining while wearing aligners. Patients should instead opt for water as much as possible. Alcoholic drinks shouldn’t have an adverse effect on treatment provided they are consumed in moderation – but the teeth should be cleaned afterwards to remove the sugar that comes with alcohol.

See the dentist as a priority

It’s vital to attend all appointments, as missing one could mean that the wrong size of aligners is worn – and the end of treatment could be delayed. It’s also important for patients to follow the advice of the dentist about taking care of retainers and the teeth during treatment – as this can have a significant impact on the end result.