Same day teeth a viable option

Same day teeth a viable option

It might seem like a futuristic concept, but High Dental Implants Melbourne in Melbourne are able these days to provide their customers with a procedure that allows them to walk out with a completely new set of teeth all in the same day.

For those patients who have dentures that are becoming uncomfortable due to repeated slipping and rubbing, or are causing them embarrassing situations, then this procedure could very well be the right choice to provide them with an easier quality of life.

There are many advantages that tooth implants can provide for patients, including a possible improvement in appearance by reducing the ageing effect of sunken cheeks, easier eating,(rather than dentures that slip and slide making chewing difficult), and improved speech, to name but a few.

This is not to mention the reported cases of satisfaction from countless individuals who have received dental implant treatments and found them to be comfortable, durable and convenient.

Who is suitable for same day teeth?

Those patients who have found that they would like to explore more options regarding the comfort of their dentures should speak to their local dentist about fitting tooth implants on which to secure their dentures.

A few scans are needed in order to determine whether a patient can have their treatment immediately or if they need to have a prior procedure that will enlarge and strengthen their jawbone.

The jawbone naturally recedes over time when it is no longer stimulated by the constant grinding and chewing that teeth do. This is a natural process where the body absorbs the cells and makes use of them elsewhere.

If it is found that a jawbone has receded to a point where it is not viable to place tooth implants into the jaw, then further tests are provided in order to see if a sinus lift can be offered. This procedure makes use of either human, animal or synthetic bone in place of where original bone should be.

During healing, the natural jawbone fuses with the introduced graft in order to create a strong base into which an implant can be inserted and on which dentures can be supported. This gives patients further opportunity to improve their well-being by having the freedom of life that is available from having this same day procedure.

On the day of surgery, depending on the specific situation of each patient, the permanent teeth or temporary ones that look and feel comfortable, can be placed onto the tooth implants so that patients are able to walk out of the dental practice with a confident new smile.

Hence, the unique term that is used for this procedure: ‘same day teeth’. Dentists are aware of the importance of having a full set of comfortable working teeth and a beaming smile. They want their patients to be able to walk happily out of the procedure knowing that they look and feel great.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.