The beginning of a happier, healthier mouth

The beginning of a happier, healthier mouth

There are many reasons why a person is considering visiting Spa Dental Sydney CBD for the first time. Perhaps they have heard great things through a friend or relative who is a patient in the practice. They may wish to leave their old practice because they cannot connect with their former dentist, have had a bad experience or finds the treatments too costly for their liking.

It may have been so long since the last time they went to a dentist that they might be simply putting it off, embarrassed of what their potential dental condition may be, even though they are in no pain or have no complaints. Unfortunately thiscan have devastating consequences which further compounds the negative idea of dentists. Or they may have simply moved for work or study and wish to establish a relationship with a new dentist to help them to maintain a good standard of oral hygiene and care.

Whatever the reason, the initial consultation with a dentist is full of discussion as both dentist and patient establishes a connection whereby they each understand one another and what the patient’s oral health goals are.

What will happen during that first consultation?

A questionnaire which goes over a patient’s medical and dental history will be given so that the patient can bring to light anything that they deem to be important for their dentist to know about. Operating with a holistic mindset, by understanding that the entire body is connected in many intricate and intimate ways, then subtle links between issues that a person has may be indicating clues for a dentist to get to the root cause of the real problems.

By seeking advice from a health care professional, people are able to ensure that they are caring for their whole body as they seek to improve their oral health. For example, gum disease has become irrefutably linked with heart disease, although the reasons as to why and how are still unclear to many researchers.

There are many theories such as bacteria and inflammation but only with further study can these links be proven and understood. Poor oral health will lead to less than ideal nutritional standards as people begin to eat the foods they can rather than what their body needs. Unfortunately this can have many negative impacts throughout the entire body.

Understanding these links and the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene standards is one of the more important and oftentimes overlooked duties that a dentist must provide to their patients. After a thorough examination of their patient’s mouth; both internally and externally, a dentist will be able to give their honest and professional view on their condition and what they can do to improve it together.

A dentist will always be non judgemental and professional in their manner in the aim to provide their patients with the information that they need in order to make an informed decision about what they can do to improve their own oral and overall health and well being.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.