Join the millions who have already found success

Join the millions who have already found success

There is something to be said when a treatment has reached stardom thanks to the millions of satisfied patients that it has helped. Invisalign in Luton is already the best known clear alignment treatment on the market and it isn’t hard to see why.

The attention to detail and the continual updates in digital software, as well as improvements to the aligners themselves, means that a patient can rest assured knowing that they are getting the best possible treatment that is available to them.

By choosing this treatment, patients can enjoy a massive support base as well as the continual guidance from a specifically trained dentist in teeth straightening. The digital scan that they take at the beginning of the treatment process has a whole host of additional benefits that a patient can enjoy.

Such benefits include a visual representation of how the treatment process will develop, presenting a final result that a patient can look forward to expecting. There is no need for uncomfortable moulds to be used either, as the digital scan is all that is needed to create perfectly fitting trays that are used to align one’s teeth.

A great advantage of this procedure is that, due to the way that the shape of each tray has been digital plotted, there is less need for dental visits, meaning that patients do not have to take frequent time out of school or work to attend the dentist to have their aligners refitted.

It is a simple, no frills way to maximum results. No wonder it is so popular globally for patients who are looking for an effective and easy solution to their dental woes.

How does the process work?

After speaking with a dentist and ensuring that they are eligible for the treatment, patients are invited to take the legendary scan that sets this treatment apart from the rest. All the information that is needed is gleaned from this scan and a treatment plan can be given to the patient, outlining the timescale, expected costs and other requirements that may be needed to provide the results that they have been looking for.

A patient then simply begins to wear their initial aligners, ensuring that they wear them for a minimum of 20 hours each day for maximum effectiveness. They are able to remove their aligners whilst eating, simply making sure they brush their teeth before putting them back in.

After 2 weeks, the next set of aligners should be worn and this process continues for as long as is needed. A dentist would need to monitor results every so often, a visit every 6 weeks can be agreed on to ensure that everything is on track as planned.

At the end of the treatment, a retainer needs to be worn for a specific amount of time. This is because teeth are liable to move back to their original position, due to the ligaments that have allowed teeth to move acting similarly to a rubber band.

The first three years are the most vulnerable time for this, although everyone is different. A dentist will be able to monitor any movement and inform patients when they can remove the retainer once and for all.