Are your child’s adult teeth coming through crooked?

Are your child’s adult teeth coming through crooked?

Even if your child’s baby teeth are completely straight, there is no guarantee that their adult teeth will also be straight when they eventually come through. As your child grows there are several different dental issues that can occur regarding the angles of their teeth and alignment of their jaw. Overcrowding can be a problem too. This is where your child’s mouth is too small, and their teeth do not have enough room to grow straight.

Having braces in St John’s Wood will be able to address any of the dental problems that your child is experiencing and leave them feeling confident when it comes to showing off their smile. Another reason why you should get your child treatment sooner rather than later is that their teeth are more susceptible to being moved into new positions at a younger age.

Different problems that your child may need solving

It is incredibly common for children to need their teeth straightened with a traditional brace, but there are several different appliances that are now available for your child and these can correct all kinds of problems. If your child has an over or underbite they will need to wear an appliance to realign their jaw before they undergo any straightening treatment, and if they suffer from overcrowding, they may need to have one or more teeth removed too, before they undergo treatment.

Appliances can be used to straighten teeth and close any gaps that your child may have as well. How long their treatment will take will depend on how much their teeth need to be moved and if they require any additional treatment. When receiving treatment, they will need to visit their dental practitioner frequently to check that their treatment is working in the right way, but this will also provide you with the perfect opportunity to ask any questions about it.

Invisalign teen

If your child would prefer to have a removable appliance, thenInvisalign teen could be the ideal treatment for them. A subtle way to straighten their teeth, the appliance has many beneficial features such as the blue indicator strip that allows you to know if your child is wearing their aligners correctly. If they are, the blue strip will wear away accordingly. Teen aligners have also been made extremely easy for teenagers and children to remove themselves, so if they need to pop them out at school or a friend’s house, they will not have any trouble.


Whilst you can have different types of treatments when it comes to straightening your teeth, the aftercare is always quite similar. Your dental practitioner will issue you with a retainer that has been custom-made for your teeth. You will need to wear this retainer for at least six months, but in some circumstances, you may need to wear it for a lot longer. Your dentist will be able to tell you how long you will need to use it for, and if you need to wear it during the day as well when you first start using it. Usually you will only need to wear your retainer at night, but this can vary from patient to patient.