A uniquely perfect smile

A uniquely perfect smile

Not everyone is happy with their smile. When a person feels self-conscious about how their smile looks, they are bound to share it less, which can result in potentially negative assumptions being made about that person’s general demeanour and attitude towards life.

Yes, people judge smiles. It is the first thing that draws the eye and when it is not within the realms of socially accepted beauty, then judgements can be unwittingly made about the status of that person.

People understand that the lack of insurance, health care and adequate dental care during youth and through into adulthood is a leading contributor to bad teeth. These socioeconomic limitations are potentially the backbone of the unconscious judgements that people make when regarding a person who has a uniquely imperfect smile.

However, genetics play an important role, as do poor hygiene habits, injury to milk teeth when a person is younger and many other factors that can lead to a person having some less than perfect pearly whites to bare to their friends and colleagues.

A cosmetic dentist in Harley Street is able to offer a new lease of life by perfecting that uniquely imperfect smile. With their eye for beauty and access to all the technological advances in today’s modern age, they are able to capture their patient’s true smile that hides within, bringing out a more beautiful representation that is more importantly, healthier.

By retaining a unique edge whilst smoothing out all the imperfections that might be present, such as staining, crookedness, gaps, uneven gum lines, cracks or metal fillings, patients can feel more confident about how their smile looks and feel like their new and improved smile no longer holds them back.

Why is having perfect teeth so important?

It really is down to a matter of self-worth and whether a person truly believes that they are entitled to feel good about themselves. If they are able to improve not only their confidence regarding their appearance, but their overall health as well, then it is critical that they invest in themselves for their general well-being.

By straightening out teeth that are crooked, replacing teeth that are missing and keeping teeth clean and free of damaging plaque and tartar, people are able to improve their overall oral health which can result in an improvement in their general health and well-being too.

Crooked teeth can create breeding grounds for bad bacteria and enamel eroding plaque to eat away at teeth, causing bad breath, cavities and potentially, tooth loss. Missing teeth can be painful, and can cause other teeth to shift, creating biting and chewing problems which can lead to nutritional deficiencies.

A lot of people who suffer from malocclusion find that because they are unable to chew their food as well as they should, they frequently have to deal with the effects of indigestion. This is just one of the health impacts that having teeth in poor condition can have on a person.

By speaking to a dentist who is dedicated to improving patients’ lives by creating a smile that is uniquely theirs and perfectly beautiful, they will find that once they have moved forward, they will never want to look back.