The key to reducing test-taking anxiety is in the preparation

The key to reducing test-taking anxiety is in the preparation

The latest available Exam Stress Survey results released by ChildLine reports that a whoppingninety-six percent of those who took the survey admitted to experiencing anxiety about exams, and even about the revision before an exam.

This leads to a very important question for both students sitting the SAT, and for parents of said students: can a student prepare for the SAT confidently? The answer is an emphatic yes. Test preparation methods that includeSAT Tutoring in London is the path that is arguably the most successful.

 3 Factors That Set A Successful Test Preparation Apart From Not-So-Successful Ones/

Not all test preparation methods employed by students are created equal.  Some put very little effort into preparing for a test, choosing to rely on cramming in information just before the exam date. Other students put in a little more thought, and it is these students who stand a higher chance of obtaining their desired test score goals.

 So, what is it that these successful students do that others do not?

  1. They gather information about the test

They begin their test preparations by finding out exactly what it is that will be covered by the different sections of the test, what the time limit allocation is, whether the questions are multiple choice or short answer questions, and whether they will be required to write an essay.

This essential information can be gathered from course materials, practice tests, and from a tutor with prior experience of the particular type of test.

Why is it so important to make the effort to gather this information at the beginning?

Answering questions has a lot to do with the answering techniques a student uses as it is the content knowledge that they have about a topic. In their study sessions they can plan to practice these techniques that a tutor can provide.

  • Employ effective study methods

The technique of ‘a quick initial review of the material before going back to cover the areas more thoroughly’ should not be skipped.  This review helps a student with basic information on main concepts, creating a memory database on which to build more detailed information.

  • They do not skip practice tests

 Study skills advocated by anacademic institution calls for students to answer previous exam question papers or practice tests in the case of the SAT.  Practice tests are invaluable for a number of reasons.  Each practice test points to how well a student has improved on their knowledge of a topic and can be used as a guide to the student’s readiness to sit the official SAT test.

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