What is Invisalign?

What is Invisalign?

If a patient is looking to straighten their smile Invisalign Luton can offer a treatment that will allow them to realign their smile in an efficient and safe way. A straight smile is a healthier one, as teeth can be properly cared for in a straighter position. This treatment is used to boost patients’ confidence when it comes to the aesthetics of their teeth and the overall appearance of their smile. This treatment is seen as an alternative to fixed braces for many conditions. Patients who have accessed these aligners in the past have said that they found this treatment easy to use and that Invisalign aligners have yielded convenient and comfortable results. If anyone has ever thought that they might wish to alter the appearance of their smile then they should consider this treatment. Invisalign uses special plastic trays that will slowly force the teeth into their best position. Throughout the treatment, patients can be assured that they are in capable hands as this treatment has given lots of people a happier and healthier smile. This article will outline some of the issues that can be corrected by this treatment. 

Is it too late to straighten my teeth?

Invisalign can be used to straighten a variety of different ailments when it comes to a misaligned smile. There are many different things that can be treated by these aligners and the length of treatment time will differ, depending on what type of issue is being corrected. If a patient has a crossbite, this can be corrected alongside other issues such as a deep bite, or gapped teeth. An open bite or an underbite can also be corrected. If a patient is unhappy about their smile then there is no such thing as too late when it comes to correcting it. Everyone should be able to access the treatments that they need to make their smile as healthy as possible. Patients are encouraged to work with their aligner provider to ensure that they are able to achieve the best possible results. If a patient thinks that this treatment sounds like a good idea for their smile, then they should consider reading on to the next section to discover more about this treatment.

How does this treatment work?

This treatment is seen as an investment in a patient’s smile and follows a series of steps. Patients are encouraged to make contact with their dental practice so they can begin their journey to a healthier smile. First they can use the Invisalign ‘case assessment’ so that a professional can determine if this treatment is a good idea for them and their particular dental situation. A digital plan will then be created which can give patients an idea of what their smile will look like after they have completed the treatment. The aligners are then manufactured and given to the patients and these are worn in succession to gradually push the teeth into position. If patients have any questions about this treatment, then they should consider getting in touch with their practice, as well as having a look at the practice’s website to familiarise themselves with the treatment and what it will entail. All dentists enjoy helping patients on their journeys to better smiles.