Steps needed for a dental makeover

Steps needed for a dental makeover

Want a dental makeover but want to know more about what is involved? 

Typically, a dental makeover revolves around cosmetic treatments, which can include everything from the whitening of teeth to oral veneers, and can even be based solely on oral implants. The underlying goal is to get you the smile that you want and a makeover can be either an exceedingly simple or quite complex process.

But what exactly does it involve?

Here is a breakdown of some of the most common stages of having smile makeovers in Glasgow. 

Smile analysis

During this stage, your dental team will take photos of your smile, to get an idea of how your teeth look and what you want to have done. Depending on the clinic you attend for your smile especially if they are going to use orthodontics. 

This stage is also carried out to help your team choose the most suitable treatment for you if it has not already been discussed, so really be sure to flash your teeth!

Smile design

After your team has looked over your smile analysis photos, they will then feed the images into computer software for the next step. 

Here, they will be able to show you digital renditions of how your teeth will look when the makeover is finished, using different cosmetic options such as veneers, braces etc. From this, you will choose the one you like the look of the most and they will then begin the mockup.


This can be a bit more complicated if you have an extremely misaligned smile, however, your dentist will usually handcraft artificial teeth to slot over your real ones, to give you an idea of how that digital image would look in real life.

If you have any issues at this stage, they can be altered and several mockups can be made until you are happy with the result. 

Digital designing

Back to the computers!

Here, if any alterations were made to the treatments needed, your team will then re-enter them into the digital image of your altered smile and will be able to make a different final smile based on your feedback. 

This is important, as this image will be the basis on which all the future treatments are based. Once again, it will be shown to you before they proceed. 


Again, this can be tricky if orthodontic work is going to be used. 

However, if it isn’t, then your team can offer you a trial dental makeover to ensure that you are comfortable with the final look of your smile. If you want to have a whiter smile, or would like a more natural look, this is the stage to mention it!

Final smile

Once your dentist has completed all of those stages, then the treatments will begin!

The length of the makeover will depend on what you are having done and the severity of the issues being treated. Remember, a smile makeover can take up to 36 months with orthodontic work, so be patient!