Have you heard about all on 4 dental implants Melbourne?

Have you heard about all on 4 dental implants Melbourne?

All on 4 is a technique that allows us to securely anchor a set of dentures only using four implants!  Here, how it works and what oral implants Melbourne could mean for you are explored in more depth in the following article.

Oral Implants in Melbourne

Dental implants Melbourne are short titanium rods which are placed beneath the gum line and are integrated into the jaw where they act as artificial roots, allowing dental teams to place single teeth on top of them. They are considered the highest standard of restorative dentistry because they allow dentists to replace the teeth which are entirely absent and lost long before the fitting, something that clinics have only been able to do for the last 10 years. 

Soon after the first implants were being performed, dentists tried using them to immobilize larger prosthetics and single teeth; a bridge technique was used to place prosthetics on either side to hold a set of three teeth in place. But the early denture immobilisations that were performed would use somewhere between 5 and 8 implants to securely lock a denture in place, which was difficult to fit.

What makes all on 4 viable?

As implant technology has developed, dentists have gained a more in-depth understanding about how many implants are truly necessary. They have been able to reduce the number of implants down by pairing this with our in clinic CT scanner. They are able to choose exactly the right places to put the implants where they will most effectively take the load. Fewer implants significantly reduces the amount of work as well as materials used in immobilising the denture. This is great as it brings down the overall cost of the procedure which dental teams pass on to their patients, making immobilized dentures a possibility for more people. 

Once fully immobilised, a denture cannot rub against the gum; this is one of the biggest complaints from their patients about their dentures. This is not only uncomfortable but the resulting abrasion against the gums provides an opportunity for bacteria to attack them increasing the risk of gingivitis or gum disease. Also, the fitting of an implant supported denture can prevent the formation of open sores on the gum, which can allow bacteria and plaque to enter the bloodstream, leading to secondary concerns. 

It also significantly changes their cleaning routine from the use of an overnight soaked to regular brushing, all while permanently fixing the denture into the mouth making them feel more natural and part of the patient. They are then no longer worried about food choices or a denture coming loose during conversation, not to mention making them harder to lose. 

As dentists are entirely in control of fabricating your denture, you can choose the shade and overall appearance of how your smile will work out. Alternatively, they can replicate a past smile from a photograph or add dental imperfections in order to produce a realistic, healthy looking smile if that is your aesthetic goal.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.