Orthodontics Stoke-On-Trent Making you Smile

Orthodontics Stoke-On-Trent Making you Smile

For many years in the past having teeth that protruded or had gaps were accepted as genetic and in only extreme cases was anything really done to correct it. Now that we have improved the equipment and techniques that can correct misaligned teeth and jaws it is the norm to correct the problem. Orthodontics Stoke-on-Trent is a branch of dentistry that has benefited enormously from technology. The traditional metal braces have also been improved and enhanced with the introduction of the latest braces and aligners.

More specific to your needs

There was a time when the traditional metal braces were seen as the one and only real cure for many misaligned dental problems. That has all changed now and dental science has embraced the latest technology so that orthodontics Stoke-on-Trent can be practised using a multitude of appliances aimed at specific conditions. None of us are made the same way, we all have some unique differences and this applies to our dental requirements as well. Two people may suffer from a similar condition but how they are treated may require a different appliance or technique. Their personality and mental state must be considered and these are all the factors that we will take into account before suggesting a specific treatment.

Main types of appliance used by orthodontists

There are effectively four main types of appliances used by orthodontists but within those four are a variety of specific devices. There is the fixed brace which is the traditional metal brace fitted to the front of your teeth with variations. One is ceramic, which performs in the same way as metal braces but the colour is closer to the colour of your natural teeth. Another is the lingual brace which is cleverly fitted to the inside of your teeth making it less visible. If you play any contact sport it is best to also wear a gum shield. When these appliances are fitted it is recommended to avoid a variety of food and drink. It is best to avoid toffees and hard sweets or foods and also fizzy drinks. The next main type is functional braces and these are used for more serious conditions and come in a number of variations. Headgear is another appliance generally used to correct misalignment of the back teeth. These are generally worn by most patients at night, eating and drinking are not possible while wearing this appliance. The latest addition to the orthodontist’s arsenal are aligners which treat misaligned teeth using “trays” that fit over your teeth. These trays resemble gum shields and are made of a clear dental material making them inconspicuous.

Aligners, how they work

A series of trays are created based on the patient’s condition, each tray has a slightly different orientation. Each tray is worn for around three weeks after which a new tray is fitted which will gradually force your teeth into the desired location. The trays must be worn for a minimum of twenty two hours per day but they can be removed to eat and drink, to brush and to floss. The duration of the treatment depends on the patient’s condition but it can be anything from six months to a year.

The latest equipment

The technology associated with some of these appliances allows us to show you what your smile will look like after treatment even before we have begun.