Scared Of Santa: Stop Your Child Being Fearful This Year

Pic via Pixabay


While most children love meeting Santa at his grotto, others find the holiday figure to be absolutely terrifying. They might be scared of his massive white beard, his height or his famous red suit. Some children find sitting and talking to strangers a stressful experience too. So if your child is scared of Santa, this will almost certainly end in tears and tantrums. If these fears are not dealt with, they can continue to get worse each year. This is unfortunate as it makes it difficult for parents to keep the magic of the holidays alive. Thankfully there are things you can do to help your child overcome their fear and look forward to meeting Santa at his grotto.


Tell them what to expect
One of the biggest reasons why children are scared of meeting Santa is because they don’t know what to expect. This can increase their anxiety and make them fearful of the experience rather than excited. So explain to your child exactly what will happen when they go into the grotto. You can describe how it will look and give them some idea of what Santa will say to them. Focus on the positives and let them know that you will be there the entire time. This can encourage your children to start seeing the grotto visit as a fun and safe experience rather than a scary one.

Pic via Pixabay


Show them what Santa looks like
To help your children become more accustomed to Santa Claus’s appearance, start showing them images of what he looks like. This can take away some of the surprise when they see him in person in a few weeks time. You could use images of people dressed up as Santa Claus online or in magazines. Holiday party invitations, cards, and packaging often include illustrations of Santa too. Showing your kids these images can indicate that Santa is friendly and not someone to be afraid of. You can also ask them to draw or paint pictures of Santa Claus which can then be used to decorate your home. Seeing these pictures every day will familiarize themselves with Santa even more.

Encourage them to write a letter
Writing a letter to Santa is a holiday tradition that continues to be popular with families with young children. It can also provide your child with something to talk to Santa about. If your child isn’t sure about what to say to Santa Claus when they meet him, this can make them feel anxious. But having a letter to give him can have an ice breaker effect. Another option is to let your child take their favourite toy to show Santa. If your child is really nervous, make sure they see you talking to Santa. If they see that you are comfortable in his presence, this can make them more at ease and willing to talk.

Before we know it, the holiday season will be upon us. So start preparing your child to meet Santa today by using these tips and tricks to help you. That way, they can enjoy the Christmas countdown rather than dread it.