Recognise Your Child’s Good Behaviour With These Exciting Rewards

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Rewarding your children for their good behaviour can be beneficial in a number of ways. It makes it easier for them to develop positive behavioural habits as they get older. This can improve their attitude and make them better behaved in social situations. Tantrums and outbursts are also less likely to occur. More importantly, rewards teach your children about the value of hard work and being kind to others. So if your child has been particularly well behaved lately, it’s important that you recognise it. Here are three reward ideas that are bound to fill your child with excitement.


A trophy
A trophy that your kids can earn is an excellent reward and incentive for good behaviour. You can hold a mini award ceremony each time your child acts kindly or helps someone. The trophy could also be given for being brave during a scary situation such as visiting the dentist. Let your child keep the trophy in their bedroom but explain that they can’t keep it forever. Knowing that they have to earn it will make them more eager to act appropriately and help other people. You can buy a trophy from or other online suppliers in a range of styles and designs. If you have more than one child, you might want to buy individual trophies to avoid any upsets and jealousy.

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A later bedtime
Letting your kids stay up later than usual might sound like a recipe for disaster. But letting them stay up just 15 minutes longer can feel like a significant reward. This should obviously only be allowed on a non-school night, so your children don’t get overly tired. A later bedtime can make your kids feel more grown up. This is why it is such a simple but effective reward to give. In future, they will consider what they can do to achieve a later bedtime again. This can help them make better choices and spur them on to behave well more regularly.


A trip to a theme park
Kids love going to theme parks, so why not make this their reward. They will love going on the rides, watching shows and spending time as a family. See to read reviews on top family theme parks to check the suitability for young children. Otherwise, you might go somewhere that is inappropriate for your children. You might also be able to find cheap tickets or discount codes for theme parks online too. If a theme park is not suitable for your family, consider a day out at a water park or play centre instead. Remember to make sure your kids know that this day out is due to how well they have behaved. That way they will be encouraged to continue.
While rewarding your kid’s behaviour can be advantageous, it’s vital that you don’t do it too much. Otherwise, they will come to expect it, and the novelty will soon wear off. So save these rewards for times when you are most proud of your kids and how they have behaved.