Thomas’ Big Pop-Up Journey | review and competition

Thomas’ Big Pop-Up Journey | review and competition

Thomas the Tank Engine is a classic, and certainly one that has stood the test of time!  What has everyones favourite cheeky train been up to now?

img_8198The lovely people at Egmont asked if I wanted to review Thomas’ Big Pop-Up Journey; I couldn’t wait to see what everyones favourite cheeky train had been up to!

Thomas’ Big Pop-Up Journey is not your average pop up book.  Oh no, this is special.  When you first pick it up, it looks just like a normal book… but take a closer look.  It’s a box, and inside that box is a lovely fold out play book!

There is lots of fun to be had as you follow Thomas’ travels around the Island of Sodor; through the station, over the level crossing, under the bridge and past the water tower, docks and windmill.  Then fold out the pages to create an amazing 3D playmat.  You also get a separate pouch of characters that you can open out and move around the track.  It’s very handy having this little pouch as you can keep all of the characters together, and it minimalises the chance to losing lots of bits.

The attention to detail is quite something!  The pop up pieces are intricate and – although not sturdy if an 18th month old sits of them (we have first-hand knowledge of that!) – they are detailed and look wonderful.

My little boy enjoyed pretending to be a giant and stand right in the middle of it!  Making the train noises was fun as I choo-choo-ed my way around the board (maybe more so for me… my little boy looked at me with a wry smile on his face…)

I read the story aloud as I whizzed the characters through the book.  It did strike me as the sort of book that you can add your own story to as you work your way around the track and really use your imagination.

Although this book is too old for my boy right now (it’s recommended for ages 3 and up) Thomas the Tank Engine is a character that will never go out of fashion and it’ll be there ready and waiting for him when he is old enough!  So it’s on the bookshelf for now!

Choo choo!

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