Out Of The Box Ideas For Kids Christmas Gifts

Out Of The Box Ideas For Kids Christmas Gifts

Fed up of buying endless dolls, Lego and board games you know will just lie on the floor come the New Year? Want to give your kids something extra special this Christmas? Or know that they’ve already been bought all the toys on their list ? Don’t worry we all know that buying Christmas gifts is stressful, so we’ve compiled a little list of ideas that are not only a little bit different, but are guaranteed to put big smiles on your children’s faces on the big day!


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You’d think that this only works if you have trees in the garden that are large enough to support the weight of such a build. However, many companies will design, create and deliver a custom built a bespoke playhouse, or treehouse to suit you and your children’s needs. For example, younger kids might prefer to have a playhouse on the ground, think cozy log cabin, which is safer and easy to access while older kids and teenagers will love a treehouse platform, complete with a rope ladder, climbing frame, swing or slide. These spaces are great for kids to learn independence, co-operation, and even creative play as well as giving them hours and hours of excitement.


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Retro Slushy Maker


Not only will kids love making icy, refreshing, slurpee slushies in a range of exciting colors but you’ll love the memories they’ll bring back of late  summer barbecues, soda fountains and cinema kiosks. Capable of making amazing 1950’s style retro slushies and soft scoop ice cream the slushy maker is easy to use, kid friendly and is an ideal gift to help teach little ones about ingredients, recipes, and basic kitchen safety. If you’re worried about the amount of sugar in store bought fizzy drinks and ice cream then a slushy maker will give you back the control to choose how much sugar each drink contains, which type of juice to use and what flavors to make.


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Electric Car


Budding petrol heads and sports car enthusiasts will love the ability to drive their very own car just like mom and dad. Choose from a range of styles, makes and colors such as a ride on Mini Cooper which comes with a whole bevy of extras, including sounds, MP3 input jack, LED lights and even a push button ignition. Available in red, black and blue this model along with other ride on electric kids cars has two forward speeds and a reverse option. These vehicles have been designed with every child’s safety in mind and feature built-in seatbelts, plus a remote control that will allow you to stop the car’s motion at any time safely.


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Personal Suitcase


Little ones will love the idea of their own suitcase when you go on trips away, family holidays and even sleepovers. They come in a range of styles and sizes, from animal faces to cartoon characters and even mythical creatures. Kids suitcases are designed for children so have easy pull handles, smaller pockets, and even safety zips as well as being light enough for a child to carry if needed.