Top Tips For Expectant Mums

Top Tips For Expectant Mums

There are some things you really need to prepare in advance if you’re expecting, and other things that you should stop stressing about! It can be challenging to resists chucking everything from the baby aisles into a trolley and taking it home. Having a new baby will be expensive enough. Concentrate on getting the essentials right first.


The Nursery



This should be one of your main focuses whilst your awaiting the big day. Never mind buying adorable booties, make a safe and comforting space for your baby to sleep. If you’re lucky enough to have a separate room for  your nursery you can get extra creative.


Painting the walls a warm sunny colour is a good idea. You can even stencil some animal shapes or something similar onto the walls. Pendant lightshades are great because they look similar to mobiles and will calm your baby when they’re lying down. Make sure you invest in a good cot. You need one that’s big enough to fit a rapidly growing newborn. Get to grips with your cot before the baby arrives. You want to be an expert at lowering the sides and tucking in the blanket with one hand prior to your new arrival!


Soft toys are fine, but don’t go overboard. Baby Fendi have some great ones which will last. No doubt you’ll receive lots of similar gifts at a baby shower or when people come to visit so reign in the spending here.  


Take Some Time For Yourself

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Having a baby is exciting, stressful, and scary, sometimes all at once! Make sure you’re taking some time for yourself each day. Quietly have some meditative time to relax and unwind. Stress isn’t good for you or the baby. It can be as simple as lighting some candles and having a warm soak in the bath. Or snuggled up on the sofa with a magazine. Just make sure you have some you time.


If you feel that work is getting too much consider taking an early or extended maternity leave. This will give you more time to prepare and focus on what’s important. Keep active whilst pregnant. This will not only help to keep you healthy but a long walk is great for clearing our minds and making us feel positive again.



Happy Couple

There will be times that you feel overwhelmed during your pregnancy. It’s important to vocalize any question, concerns, or feelings you may have. Doubts kept to yourself will fester and become a bigger and bigger issue.


Make sure you let a partner or family member, or even friend, know what’s worrying you. Sharing the stresses of a pregnancy helps. Equally make sure you share all your excitement and good news with your loved ones too. This will help you to feel like you’re not on this journey alone, and you have lots of supporters and well-wishers.