Three Things That Can Ruin Your Home Interior


So you have the interior you have always dreamed off.  A kitchen to be proud of, a cosy living room and the most elegant bedroom that makes your friends jealous. Unfortunately the reality of general living means that keeping your interior looking show home standard is virtually impossible.  Between pets, children and even your own mess, how do you stop your home looking tired and drab, keeping your interior design as gorgeous as the first day it was complete?


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One of the most annoying things ever is the smell and grease that comes out of our kitchen.  It is really embarrassing when you have friends over and suddenly the delicate scent of your expensive candles turns into an aroma of dirty oven and smoke.  Keeping a clean oven is one way of stopping this but an even better one is ensuring you have a great quality cooker extractor fan.  This will redirect the smells and grease away from the rest of your home.  It will also help stop the fire alarm going off everytime you open the oven door.  

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Children have a habit of running around the house trailing their hands on pretty much every surface they can.  Especially around light bulbs and up the stairs.  If you have pets this is even worse, in they stroll covered in rain and mud, cats will rub themselves up against the corners of your walls and dogs? They send a shower of dirt as they shake off their fur in your hallway.  If you have an ultra low matte paint then you are going to need to keep on top of it with heavy cleaning.  It might be worth saving the expensive chalk paints for areas that aren’t so full of traffic.  Look at a wash down paint for your hallway or busy areas.  This will mean you can take a cloth to it and clean it down without worrying about repainting.  There are loads on the market and you can even find some companies who will colour match.  Whilst the texture may not be the same as your Farrow & Ball, the colour and shade will be.  


Sticking with dogs, how many times have you ended up cleaning muddy paw prints from your carpet.  No matter how cross you get that your pampered pooch hasn’t wiped his paws, you know as well as us that he isn’t doing this on purpose.  He’s just happy to be home, besides when you are a dog, mud is awesome.  If you have a door into your kitchen or laundry room then avoid this disaster by always using that entrance for pets.  However if that isn’t an option you could invest in one of these doormats which are super absorbent and will suck up most of the dirt before your best friend reaches your cream carpet.
Making a few changes to your life will keep your interior looking spot on for much longer.  A show home doesn’t take on the challenges of normal life and you probably don’t have the time to keep on top of everything.  So make it easier on yourself.  

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