Don’t Dig Youself Into A Hole – Take Away The Hard Work!

Don’t Dig Youself Into A Hole – Take Away The Hard Work!

Summer means one thing when it comes to gardens – the chance to overgrow. Plants, grass and (annoyingly) weeds thrive off the combination of warm weather and humidity, and use it as their chance to grow, pollinate and generally cause a lot of suffering for those with hayfever … as well as those with green fingers who just want to get on and have a manageable garden. So what can we do to make this laborious, but highly rewarding, task easier?

Ride On!


Forget the traditional lawnmower – if you have the space in your garden (hey, even if you don’t, it’s worth a try) and it’s taking an age to make sure that your grass is under control, you could consider purchasing a ride-on mower. They are mainly fuelled by red diesel, which is cheap enough to buy in the UK as it’s not taxed like normal fuel. Not only are they effective, but they’re fun to ride, meaning that this menial chore can be passed on to children who are willing to have a go on what is essentially a big tractor. This needs to be under supervision, but is generally a good way to get the work done for in exchange for something that’s thrilling for those who aren’t in possession of a driving licence.


Ready Made!


There are so many places other than garden centres that are offering ready-grown flowers, hanging baskets and potted plants in all sorts of formats and variations for you to get on with without you so much as planting a seed. For those who are concerned about growing their own, there are also stores that will provide you with the pot, the compost and the seeds in a ready made set for you to go on with. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel; if something has been grown, looks good and is is available for you to buy without the time needed to be inputted and for little money, the maths speaks for itself.


Keep On Top!
There’s a lot that can be said for those who spread out their workload – and it goes for those who do the same in the garden over the year, as well as those annoyingly efficient people that you may bump into in the office at work. Giving your garden at least a trim throughout the more dormant months is something that can take only minutes to do, yet will benefit you tremendously in the long run. When the weather starts warming up in March/April time, you will see that grass and weeds take on a mind of their own. Especially towards late spring, you’ll also find that flowers and blossoms have been taken off by the wind and are now littering your garden, slowly rotting away. Instead of leaving it all until one massive weekend of work, try scraping up the flowers as they fall and putting them onto a compost heap ready to use later in the year. Get ahead of yourself – you’ll only be thanking yourself later!