Your Conservatory: Making It Dazzle!

Your Conservatory: Making It Dazzle!

A conservatory can be used for many things, a little haven, a party area, or just somewhere to put all your stuff when you haven’t got any room! If you’ve recently come into money or you have decided to make a conservatory a key part of your home and you’re looking for ideas to spruce up your home, or you are looking for new ways to make the most of your space, then take some inspiration from these following ideas.

Firstly it depends on the style of your conservatory. You can decorate it in many different styles to give it a more modern feel; you may feel that you can give it to the sharp and sleek lines of an Edwardian design to give it a more contemporary tone.  Don’t forget that a conservatory is very much the perfect space to let light in. And the best way to go about this is to make the most of the open plan space and make the most of the colours with a lighter hue or give it a feel that is much cooler and pleasant and enjoyable to spend time in. You can also introduce colour to the space while still maintaining a very modern look with bright colours on the drapes or blinds. If you are going for the rustic look, for example, wooden tables and patterns of gingham can really help to give your conservatory a nice country vibe. This is especially useful if you have made the conservatory out of wood or if you made it out of uPVC with a wood effect. Although this is very good for pastoral styles, be careful not to go overboard with it! Going for natural colours helps to promote that feeling of rustic and countryside chic.

For a lot of us, the conservatory needs to be a place for relaxing and a place for spending much of your spare time, so it is very important how you choose to decorate it. For a lot of us, it does depend on who will be spending time in that conservatory. If it’s just you and you don’t need to fill up the space with sofas and lots of other paraphernalia, you can just keep it simple with an armchair and a place to put your feet up. If you have kids or even grandchildren, you need to think about making the most of the space while still making the space undeniably yours. You may need to get a new sofa or even a bean bag lounger to make the space look more relaxed. You can find a new sofa here if you’re looking for a bit more comfort with your chill out space. For the traditional look, you may want to put in green leather sofas or lay laminate flooring to complement the garden style. If you’re looking to bring the garden indoors (which is the purpose of a conservatory for many), you can add some plants and add a few accessories to make the place just how you want it.

When thinking about the colour scheme, the main influence over the final product will be your personal taste, but you will have to think about the size of your conservatory. The size will have a bearing on what colour schemes work best. For example, if you have high ceilings and a big floor space, you can go for the darker tones because the room will be well-lit. Because conservatories will tend to be all glass, they will easily let the light in properly and naturally give your space the vibrancy it needs. Your best approach would be to go for light and pastel colour schemes. These are much more common in conservatories because they tend to create an error effect, as natural lights will tend to bounce off of the light colours and illuminate the whole room as well as brighten up any objects that have a similar tone of colour. This creates a wonderful illusion of space. You should also take note that dark colours tend to absorb light and this means that they will also absorb a lot of heat so unless you have UV glass fitted or you have blinds for when it is particularly hot in the conservatory your darkened floors will be very warm to walk on if you are barefooted, and the same applies if you have laminate flooring.

When it comes to the flooring or the carpets, it generally tends to make sense to not carpet the whole floor space of a conservatory and because the conservatory will typically be at the rear of the house and usually has a door leading out into the garden. The best bet is to have carpeted areas over the Veneer. The added benefit of the Veneer is that it’s easy to clean if any dirt is brought in from the garden but if you compare this to hardwood, carpets, or laminate flooring, it is a lot more difficult to look after in a conservatory. If it is feasible, try to have a tone of wood that is medium or light on your conservatory floor. This is because on hot and sunny days when the temperature is high, the floor will tend to dissipate some of the warmth that is transmitted from the natural light, which will allow you to tread on it more comfortably in comparison to a darker tone such as black walnut. The one thing to really think about when you’re picking the furniture for your conservatory is due to the warmth of the natural light, you may wish to avoid leather because it will tend to perish in the sun. Instead, your best bet for furniture would be upholstered tall wooden furniture because of their ability to resist the detrimental effects of sun and natural light.

A conservatory can be a fantastic addition to your home as long as you think of the best way to decorate it accordingly, so it fits in with your home and your needs. Enjoy!