How to find best IVF clinics in Europe?

How to find best IVF clinics in Europe?

All fertility stories are often surrounded by a lot of emotions and uncertainty. If you’re a UK fertility patient, you surely know that there are plenty of regulations and restrictions on who gets to receive IVF treatment on the NHS. Not all infertile women can benefit from free treatment. Many of them will turn to private fertility clinics abroad. So, how to search for the best IVF clinics?

You can use one of the free online platforms dedicated to fertility patients like It was set up by people who struggled with finding the right clinic and decided to take the matters into their own hands. EggDonationFriends know that fertility journey can be emotionally draining and financially devastating. The website is breath of fresh air in the ocean of information. Check the plethora of free tools for patients on the website!

If you’re thinking of doing Google search for “best IVF clinics near me” think again. The nearest clinic doesn’t mean it’s the best clinic. It’s the IVF success rate that mostly matters. It’s a good idea to look for independent Top Rated Egg Donation Clinics Worldwide Ranking 2017. This IVF clinic ranking compares clinics’ success rates, cost, guarantees offered, egg donor waiting time, etc.

Best fertility clinics – the size doesn’t matter

You should know that best fertility clinics don’t have to be big. There are quite a few good IVF clinics in Europe which do only 700 treatments a year but their IVF success rate with donor eggs and IVF success rate over 40 are very high. Such clinics are able to offer a more personalized approach and focus on the patient’s unique needs. Do not exclude small clinics from your search.

Fertility costs

The best clinic doesn’t mean the cheapest clinic or vice versa. Certainly you will want to know the overall cost of fertility treatment. Bear in mind that the cost usually depends on your individual treatment plan and your circumstances. Some cases are simply more complicated than others. You might need different medication or a different approach. You will see that fertility costs differ from clinic to clinic. EggDonationFriends’ tip is to ask for a quote and make sure you know what your treatment program comprises of. The cost is certainly a crucial factor, but it shouldn’t be the only one you consider.

Best IVF success rates in the world

You need to know that if a clinic had high IVF success rate a year ago it doesn’t necessarily mean the success rate is the same now. Various factors which may contribute to a clinic’s success rate might have changed. Good fertility specialists may have left the clinic or the clinic has employed new more experienced doctors, medical equipment may be outdated or new advanced equipment may have been bought and so on.

Choosing a fertility clinic for your IVF treatment is an important decision to make. Take your time and weigh your options. All the best on your journey!