The Real Reasons Why No One Takes Your Blog Seriously

The Real Reasons Why No One Takes Your Blog Seriously

It seems that everyone and their dog has a blog these days. And in such a crowded marketplace, it can be hard to get a sliver of attention – let alone grow an audience. But here’s the thing – if you do manage to rank for a relevant keyword, and actually get some real-life human beings visiting your site, you had better make sure you leave a positive impression.


The reality is that most blogs – and bloggers, by default – aren’t taken seriously. But the good news is there are a few things you can do to ensure that traffic becomes traction and that people stick around to listen to what you have to say. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why no one is taking your blog seriously, and how to get out of the rut.

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No one cares about you


Sorry, folks, but when people read your blog, the chances are that they don’t care about you or your life. There are exceptions, of course, but on the whole, they are reading for entirely selfish reasons – not to hear about what you had for dinner, or how your Aunt Daisy is feeling. If you want to grow your readership, the sooner you realize this point, the better. Visitors want value, to learn something new, or to be able to relate to something you say that resonates with them, and reminds them of – or solves – a problem they are having in their lives. Anything less, and you won’t be taken seriously – it’s that simple.


You’re scared of introducing personality


However, another reason many blogs fall down is that they are incredibly tepid, bland, and boring. You need to inject a spark of personality in there, or you have no hope of growing a following. No, readers don’t want to hear about you, you, you all the time. But they will respond better if you talk to them in an eye-catching way, inject some humor, and even take on controversial subjects if need be.


Presentation, spelling, and grammar


Just like in real life, you don’t need to be perfect, but you do need to make an effort if you want to get noticed when blogging. Presentation and design is a vital piece of the puzzle in getting readers to stick around. And while not everyone cares about spelling and grammar, the simple truth is that you need to know the basics if you want to be properly understood. As Training Connection points out, grammar is a small – but very noticeable – part of communicating professionally. If you don’t make an effort, people will notice.


You don’t take it seriously


Blogging can be a highly profitable career. But it won’t happen unless you work on it all the time, and actually put in the effort – and let’s face it, blogging requires a lot of effort. Ultimately, your readers will be able to work out how much time you are devoting your blog pretty quickly. You need to post regularly, analyze your website to ensure you know what’s working – and what isn’t – and run your blog like a business if you want to taste success. Good luck!