The best treatments to help achieve the perfect smile

The best treatments to help achieve the perfect smile

Discoloured, crooked, or cracked teeth can make a person extremely self-conscious. Many people who hate their teeth find themselves reluctant to smile and may even cover their mouths with their hands during conversations to avoid others seeing the state of their teeth. Such a lack of confidence can have an impact on a person’s relationships, their social life and even their job prospects. If you are suffering from insecurities caused by less than perfect teeth, researching the best treatments for various problems can introduce you to a whole world of different opportunities.

Teeth straightening treatments

It is very unusual for an adult to be able to receive orthodontic treatment on the NHS and therefore adults wanting to have braces fitted will have to do so privately. One of the advantages of private orthodontists and teeth-straightening treatments is that they offer access to many discreet solutions which can straighten teeth relatively quickly. A popular treatment available to patients in London and beyond is one that utilises the Invisalign iTero Scanner which uses digital technology to provide an accurate impression of a patient’s teeth, rather using than more traditional methods. This process is used when supplying patients with Invisalign braces or retainers which straighten teeth in a matter of weeks. Invisalign cost can vary depending on the preferred treatment, but there are dentists in London that provide an all-inclusive price, so patients avoid additional unexpected costs.

Whitening treatments

In some instances, all that is needed to improve the appearance of teeth is for discolouration or stains to be removed. Habits such as drinking coffee, enjoying red wine, and smoking can lead to yellowing or stained teeth but there are treatments that can help whiten teeth. Teeth whitening solutions can be used to give patients a more naturally white look by lifting stains and applying a whitening gel, or individuals can opt for a brighter effect via the use of laser whitening. Patients can of course consider using over the counter whitening products, but these are unlikely to be as effective or as long-lasting as professional whitening treatments.

Dental implants

The term dental implant actually refers to the artificial root placed into the gum which supports dentures, a crown, or a bridge. Patients may be able to have single, several, or all teeth replaced using this method. Dental implants are suitable for adults that have healthy gums and are also in good general health. Many people find this to be a welcome solution to damaged, crooked, or missing teeth and can give them the confidence boost they were looking for.

Finding the best practice for your needs

As with any cosmetic treatment, patients need to be extremely careful about who they select to perform the procedure. Any reputable orthodontist will provide you with all the information you require for a specific procedure and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the treatment and any risks associated with it. They will also be transparent about all costs incurred before any treatment begins.