The newest addition to the world of preventive dentistry; Guided Biofilm Therapy by dentists in Edinburgh

The newest addition to the world of preventive dentistry; Guided Biofilm Therapy by dentists in Edinburgh

Through the hustle and bustle of daily life, we accumulate bacteria build-up in our mouths; it is unavoidable. If we don’t brush our teeth regularly, these bacteria turn to plaque, which in turn, can lead to issues like tooth decay and gum disease.

So, if we have been a bit negligent cleaning our teeth, when we go for our dental check-up, our dentist may tell us we need to visit the hygienist, as we have the start of a preventable issue and need a specialist cleaning of our teeth.

What can the hygienist do? A scale and polish are the first thing that jumps to mind or maybe they can give us a prescription mouthwash to reduce the swelling.

Dentistry has advanced and now, there is a less invasive version of the traditional scale and polish that can be offered by a few dental practices in Edinburgh; Guided Biofilm Therapy.

What is Guided Biofilm Therapy?

Biofilm is not as noticeable as plaque. It is a thin and robust layer that sticks to the teeth and harbours within it a community of bacteria, which can cause gum disease or tooth decay.

Guided biofilm therapy allows dental practitioners in Edinburgh, like hygienists and dentists to identify accumulations of biofilm on the teeth and remove it painlessly and effectively.

What does the procedure involve?

After your teeth have been checked for tooth decay or gum disease, your hygienist will use a dye to colour your teeth. This dye will highlight the biofilm in your mouth.

Depending on the amount of biofilm in your mouth, your hygienist will prepare up to 3 cleaning devices to remove the biofilm, deposits and any deep-set stains.

One of these cleaning devices uses an Airflow system to remove the biofilm through a mixture of water, air and fine powder, which removes the biofilm quickly and instantly.

Once this has been completed, your hygienist may use some more dye in your mouth to identify if all the areas of biofilm have been removed. If not, the process may be repeated until they are satisfied that all of the biofilm is gone. Once your hygienist is happy that your teeth are free from all biofilm, they will use a sealant on your teeth to harden the enamel.

Benefits of Guided Biofilm Therapy

Guided Biofilm Therapy, in comparison to the more traditional methods of cleaning, is less invasive, more comfortable and exceptionally quick. Typical trips to the hygienist or dentist for a scale and polish could take up to or over 20 minutes. With this type of therapy, you benefit from a more thorough clean in around 7 minutes!

Conventional polishes used in traditional therapies can often be abrasive; this can cause scratches on the enamel, which can then become a shelter for bacteria to grow in, ultimately leading to decay. Biofilm therapy provides a smooth, clean polish to the teeth and does not cause micro scratches or abrasions to occur.