‘How do invisible braces work?’ Everything you need to know about invisible braces in Clapham

‘How do invisible braces work?’ Everything you need to know about invisible braces in Clapham

Dentistry has undergone some radical changes in the last decade; procedures that were once mere dreams of the most skilled oral surgeon or orthodontists have become a reality.

More people are visiting the dentist than ever before, to explore the range of treatments available far beyond the simple check-up. Cosmetic treatments are exceedingly popular and now, the cosmetic has merged with the orthodontic to create the invisible brace.

If you have mild to moderate misalignment issues, crowding or spacing at the front of your mouth, your dentist may suggest that you are the perfect candidate for undertaking treatment with invisible braces in London.

But, how do they work? Do they work in the long term? Are they fitted? The answers to all of these questions and more are answered in this article.

How do they work?

The most popular type of invisible braces in London are those that are removable, which leads to the question of; how can they work as well as orthodontic braces? Many invisible braces use a system of springs, pushing against each other, to move your teeth into their new location.

Also, many invisible brace treatments involve a set of aligners being made, each for a different stage of the treatment.

Do they hurt?

When you begin wearing your invisible brace, for the first few days afterwards, you may feel slight discomfort, this is normal and part of the process of moving your teeth. However, any discomfort you feel should be manageable with over-the-counter painkillers if necessary.

If you are experiencing extreme pain, visit your dentist as soon as possible.

How long will I need them for?

 This will depend on which issue you are aiming to treat, however, the treatment time for invisible braces is significantly shorter than with some other orthodontic braces, with the average time of treatment being between 6 – 9 months.

Remember, this does not include any aligners you may need once treatment with the clear brace is completed.

I’m over 25 – can I wear invisible braces?

Assuming that your dental alignment is mild to moderate, then of course you can!

Age is not a limiting factor with any of the invisible braces, but factors like dedication to the treatment regime, hygiene and follow up appointments while wearing your invisible brace may be more complicated if you work long hours – you may need to adapt your lifestyle to ensure you visit your dentist regularly and follow good oral hygiene.

Will I need aftercare?

Most people who have worn invisible braces will wear an aligner after treatment with the brace is completed.

This is to ensure that your teeth do not move back into their old position and also give your newly located teeth a chance to stabilise in their new location. There is no predetermined length of time you will need this aligner for and it is up to your dentist.

If you think you need braces, please contact your dentist today.