A combination of treatments could boost your confidence

A combination of treatments could boost your confidence

Opting to have a non-surgical facelift in Buckinghamshire could not only make your skin look fresher as well as restoring those once lost contours to the face.  It can also give a boost to looking more youthful once again, but it can boost your confidence and make you feel years younger too. 

If you are looking to rejuvenate your looks then it is time to speak to a cosmetic professional to see how they could help both you and your skin. Booking a consultation appointment is easy to do over the phone or through your clinic’s website. When you attend this appointment you will be able to discuss which aspects of the treatment you are interested in and state what areas of your face you wish to improve. Your practitioner will be able to come up with a treatment plan that is suited to your needs.

What different treatments are available?

If you suffer from wrinkles and fine lines then it is likely that dermal fillers will be part of your treatment. They work by providing your skin with an extra supply of hyaluronic acid which makes your skin feel and look more youthful than it really is, as it can smooth wrinkles and skin will seem tighter and firmer than before. Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by your body and is administered directly into the area that you wish to improve via injection.

Sometimes your skin can be prone to drooping in some areas, such as around your neck and eyelids.

This is because your body loses its ability to produce new collagen and your skin starts to lose its ability to defy gravity in the same way that it used to. Ultherapy is a good way to counteract this, as it encourages the production of fresh new collagen and produces long-lasting results. Once you have had your initial treatment you will not notice the results until around three months after your treatment, when your collagen supply has had time to build up. This treatment will make your skin seem much tighter and smoother, getting rid of things like ‘turkey neck’ and double chins.  

How often will you need treatment to keep your new look?

People often assume that if a treatment is non-surgical they will need to be back and forth to their clinic every few weeks to stay on top of their youthful appearance. Once you have had your treatment you can simply enjoy your new youthful appearance without worrying that it is suddenly going to disappear.

Dermal fillers are capable of lasting up to eighteen months for some people, which is even longer than the year-long results that you can expect to see from Ultherapy. Both treatments will need to top up appointments if you wish to maintain your youthful appearance and keep your wrinkles at bay.