Take back control of your smile with a cosmetic dentist In Harley Street

Take back control of your smile with a cosmetic dentist In Harley Street

First impressions count

A big, beautiful and healthy looking smile is arguably one of your most important social assets.  A recent study has found that those who have a brighter, healthier smile are set apart from the crowd and have improved chances of landing that dream job exponentially. Your smile is the first thing that anybody – employers included – notices when they first meet you.  First impressions are key, as studies have found that within the first 17 seconds of meeting someone, employers have already made their mind up their mind about how they feel about them.  Fifty-seven percent of first impressions are gauged by how you look, and the power of your smile.  As such, more and more people across the UK are seeking out the aid of a cosmetic dentist on Harley Street to maximise the potential of their smile and open up new doors and possibilities.

Cosmetic tooth whitening

As mentioned, your smile is a tool which goes far beyond what you may have thought in regards to how you are perceived.  If you have an interview for the job of your dreams on the horizon, but notice that your teeth are dulled, yellowed or discolored – this may be a factor which is not to be overlooked.  As such, many of us are turning to cosmetic dentistry to whiten and brighten their smiles to make that crucial first-impression the best it can possibly be, and not let something preventable stand in the way of our success. There are numerous reasons why your teeth may become stained, yellowed or discoloured. Over time, as we get older, the toils of life and age often causes the natural enamel – outermost layer – of our teeth to become dulled or yellowed, despite how often or rigourous our dental habits may be.  Additionally, certain factors such as whether or not you smoke, drink excessively staining drinks such as black coffee or red wine, or take certain medications can often speed up this staining or discoloration. Those who have teeth which have yellowed or stained can generally find it to have a negative impact on their self-esteem or confidence, especially if an all-important social event is on the horizon. However, there is no need for alarm, thanks to cosmetic teeth whitening the effects of stained or discoloration on your enamel can be reversed almost instantaneously.  This is typically achieved through the application of a peroxide-based dental bleaching gel, either within your trusted cosmetic dentistry practice, or from home through a home-whitening kit.  Both methods typically yield the same result, with in-practice whitening generally acting quicker and can often be carried out in just one visit to the cosmetic dentist, leaving patients with a whiter, brighter smile and the confidence to taclet whatever life throws at them.

Building your smile

Another method of cosmetic dentistry, which is somewhat different from cosmetic tooth whitening or other procedures which are carried out to improve what is already there, is cosmetic restorations. These cover a range different cosmetic options and are only typically called for when entire teeth, or sections of teeth, have been lost or decayed beyond repair and require to be rebuilt from scratch.  Dental implants, tooth colored fillings and crowns are all cosmetic restorative dental procedures which are designed to bring back your ability to smile without fear or embarrassment, as everyone ought to be able to do.