Brighten up for a special occasion, through teeth whitening in Bedford

Brighten up for a special occasion, through teeth whitening in Bedford

Let your true beauty shine

The correlation between a white, bright set of teeth, and wealth, prosperity and happiness is nothing new.  For centuries, people have been attempting to brighten their smiles to leave a longer lasting impression, and increase their chances of success, with the Romans even going as far as using urine to brighten their smiles!  A recent study found that those who have whiter teeth are substantially more positively perceived than those without.  From those surveyed, this report found that people with whiter teeth are 58% more likely to be hired in a job interview, compared to others with similar credentials, and around 53% more likely to impress a date. As such, it can clearly be seen that the relation between whiter teeth and prosperity is not something to be disregarded, and as such an increasing amount of new patients are seeking cosmetic teeth whitening in Bedford to maximise their chances of success and let their true beauty shine.

Cosmetic whitening options

Many of us feel self-conscious about the shade of our teeth on a daily basis.  And, if you have a special occasion such as a date, wedding or job interview on the horizon, it may pay to take action and review some of the many teeth whitening options which are readily available across the country.  Thankfully, the days of ancient roman urine being used are far behind us, and today there are a number of teeth whitening solutions which can be tailored to suit the needs of each individual patient.  For those who wish to achieve a white smile in the shortest time scale possible, one of the most popular forms of treatment is in-house whitening which is carried out in the dentist’s chair with your trusted cosmetic dental practitioner.  This process involves the application of a peroxide-based whitening gel directly to the front of the patient’s teeth.  This gel is sometimes activated by a UV light being shone onto the patient’s teeth, and begins to work almost immediately.  This method of whitening can eradicate years of staining or discoloration on the enamel of a patient teeth in as little as an hour, and let them walk out of the practice the very same day with a gleaming, whiter smile.

Home-whitening options

For those who perhaps have more time on their hands, but still desire to have a whiter, brighter smile, there are also a range of home-whitening options available.  As you could guess, these provide patients with the ability to carry out the whitening process at their leisure from within the comfort of their own home.  This treatment works by applying a layer of clinically tested whitening gel within a custom made dental retainer – which is typically created within the patient’s dental practice.  Over the course of around two weeks, the patients can witness their teeth slowly becoming whiter, shade by shade.  This process gives them the ability to decide exactly how white they wish their teeth to be, depending on how long they wear the retainer for, and – if they time it right – can provide them with a sparkling and impactful smile just in time for that special occasion.