Finding the right braces in Windsor for you

Finding the right braces in Windsor for you

Within modern dentistry, many patients that require orthodontic work may be looking for a more subtle alternative to traditional metal braces. These alternative forms can be just as effective as traditional braces in producing effective results for serious overbites and other issues that may affect the patient’s confidence or oral health. Patients who are suffering from an overbite, overcrowding, or even a front protrusion of the teeth may be eligible to receive a choice of braces. There are different options available for straightening teeth, such as clear aligners, functional braces, or fixed appliances. Each option has its own unique advantages and should be considered depending on the client’s own preferences and their lifestyle.

How to start the treatment process

Much like any other form of dental treatment, all forms of orthodontics will start with an initial consultation. During this initial consultation, the dental healthcare professional will work with the patient to decide which braces are right for them, and their individual situation. Before any treatment plan begins, a dentist will talk the patient through the different options available to them. This then ensures that the patient is fully aware of all aspects of the upcoming dental treatment.

Voicing your concerns

Aside from discussing treatment plans, an initial consultation may be the perfect opportunity for patients to discuss any worries or concerns they have regarding treatment. Patients who feel anxious within a dental environment may also find an initial consultation especially helpful in easing their concerns.

Are orthodontics expensive?

Many patients may be concerned regarding costs before their chosen orthodontic treatment commences. However, many dental clinics may offer flexible payment methods, and it is always worth investigating alternative payment options that may be available. Many modern dental clinics may offer patients the chance to pay with monthly installments on a personalised finance plan. Patients may be able to choose between varying time spans to pay off their treatment, all of which should be discussed within a dental appointment.

How do braces actually work?

Traditional metal braces have been used within the field of dentistry for many years. These are not only used for young teens or children, but also provide effective results for adults. Traditional metal braces use metal brackets (which are adhered to the surface of the teeth using a special dental glue) and metal wires to apply pressure on the overcrowded or protruding teeth. This constant application of pressure on the teeth encourages them to move into the desired position. Multiple dental appointments may be required during treatment in order to tighten the wires and correctly set the teeth.

What about Invisalign?

Invisalign has risen greatly in popularity within recent months, and is one of the more popular brands of clear aligners due to their subtle aesthetic appearance. The transparent plastic trays are replaced every few weeks to ensure that the patient’s teeth are set in the correct manner. Invisalign braces are transparent trays which are moulded perfectly to the patients teeth and mouth, providing both comfort and ease of removal.