Simple words can boost your website traffic

Simple words can boost your website traffic

When starting up your practice it can seem incredibly difficult to find the time to dedicate enough attention to your website. Increasing your online presence takes time and knowledge, and sometimes when you have spent all day examining your patients’ teeth the last thing you’ll want to do when you get home is write about it. Hiring someone to maintain your website for you means that you are free to concentrate on other matters, knowing that your website is in good hands. Using dental SEO is one of the main ways to increase traffic to your website and whoever you hire to maintain your site should utilise it within your professional blog, as well as in all of your other web pages too. 

Making it easy for patients to find you

Using local SEO for dentists will help your patients when it comes to finding your practice online. Whether it is embedded into a blog post or at the start of all of your treatment pages, it will help your practice to appear on page one of Google when people search for dental practices in your area. If patients are searching for a practice on their mobile device there is a chance that they are using Google Maps. You should ensure that patients are able to find up-to-date information about your practice location here, so they can easily find directions to you from wherever they are or easily call up to book an appointment or ask a question. Including your opening times is important too so patients know when you are available. In the case of an emergency people are likely to click on the first practice that comes up on their Google search because time is of the essence, so you want to ensure that this is your practice. 

How important is having a mobile friendly website?

Many people think that having a mobile friendly website is not important, but statistics have shown differently. Google Analytics shows that out of every two people one is using a mobile device nowadays when they are searching for something. They also enable you to know that if your website is not mobile friendly, there is a forty per cent chance of your potential patient ending up on a competitor’s website. Not only do you want your patients to find using your website easy, but you want them to recommend it to other people too, to raise the amount of future potential patients that you will have. It has been shown that if people are unsatisfied with the usability or quality of your website then they are fifty-seven per cent less likely to recommend you to other people, meaning that having a mobile friendly website is an absolute must if you want to increase the amount of patients that you are dealing with. 

The speed at which your website loads is vital too. Most people will expect it to load within three seconds, meaning that you need to have your website running at a high speed consistently. People get frustrated when they have to wait for a page to load in this modern day where everything is instantly at people’s fingertips