Adult aligners, why choose Invisalign in Harley Street

Adult aligners, why choose Invisalign in Harley Street

What is an aligner?

In the past, orthodontic treatment has focused on the re-alignment of older children and teenagers teeth rather than realignment during later adult years. The treatment has revolved particularly around chunky, metal, fixed braces and colourful retainers. Whilst these particular methods are still highly effective and used in today’s world of dentistry, clear aligners have risen in popularity due to their inconspicuous appearance which is much more appealing to adults and those who may feel self-conscious about their appearance. 

This is where Invisalign in Harley Street comes in. Invisalign are sets of transparent aligners which push the teeth gently into alignment and are easily removed by the patient. Whilst it is recommended in the majority of cases that the aligners are only removed during times of food consumption and cleaning, it is possible for the patient to remove them at any time. This however will impact the length of time it takes to realign the teeth, so patients need to take this into consideration when choosing this treatment plan. 

How does the realignment treatment work?

To begin with, it is important to understand whether the patient’s realignment needs are suited to this particular treatment. Therefore a consultation begins the process. This is where a series of photos and 3D scans of the patient’s mouth are taken. Once the dental team and patient are happy to go ahead a set of clear aligners will be created using the scans and provided to the patient. 

The first set of transparent, removable aligners will be given to the patient who then has to follow the treatment plan set by the dental team. In most cases, Invisalign is to be worn for 22 hours a day but this can be discussed. Each retainer set is to be worn for around 2 weeks and then changed to the second set and so on. Within approximately 6 months noticeable changes to the positioning of the teeth will be apparent. However, please note the length of treatment relies entirely upon the patient’s commitment to wearing the removable aligners. If removed frequently throughout each day then the process will be less effective and lengthen the time of treatment.

Why is the traditional metal brace method still used?

Whilst Invisalign is often a preferred method of treatment for adults, due to its inconspicuous appearance, not all tooth realignment issues are suitable for this particular treatment. For instance, when a patient has severely misaligned teeth towards the back of the mouth, many clear aligners are not as effective and will require the traditional metal brace treatment instead. 

The traditional metal braces are fixed to the teeth using brackets and wires. This particular method requires the dentist to tighten the brackets and wires, which then pulls the teeth into position. Whilst very effective and reliant on dental appointments rather than at home adjustments, the majority of adults shy away from this particular treatment due to the more noticeable appearance.

All treatments and procedures mentioned in this article carry potential risks, therefore all  should be discussed in more detail with the patient’s local dental team.