When Good Decorating Goes Bad

When Good Decorating Goes Bad

There aren’t many people that feel excited by the prospect of DIY and decorating. They long for the end result, but would rather not have to do any of the work to get there – and this is why there are professionals. If you can’t call in the professionals to repaint the house for you, you have to do it yourself and if you don’t plan or prepare enough, it will go bad. Every good decorating intention you have can be wonderful but fail to plan and you plan to fail.


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With so many ways decorating your home can go wrong, you have to be aware of how you can easily make mistakes. It’s not just the painting and flooring basics that can go horrendously wrong, but the general interior look you choose for your home. Check out our list of decorating mistakes you can avoid with a little planning:

  • Rugs: From the giant living room ones to the ones that are cut to fit around the base of the toilet, rugs have their place in the house. If you don’t measure the area you need to cover before you buy, you will end up with random cuts of rug that don’t fit the room and make everything look awkward and cheap. For toilets, only buy small rectangular rugs that sit away from the base of the toilet and use a non-slip mat so that it doesn’t keep slipping away.
  • Painting: The exterior of the house is such a large surface, that choosing not to invest in a decent paint sprayer would be a mistake. You can easily find HVLP spray gun reviews online and choose one that works for the size of the surface you are painting. Don’t try and paint the whole outside of the house with a paintbrush – you’ll end up with an uneven layer that takes longer to dry!
  • Photo clutter: Not everyone is a photo person, but if you have frames dotted around on every surface, it may be time for a rethink. A gallery wall is a much better home feature than cluttering up the units and shelves in your home with varying frames. Gallery walls need to be done carefully; make sure you pick the right wall before you start knocking nails through plasterboard that can crack!
  • Loose cabling: Tangled wires on show are unsightly in a home. It is an interior design mistake to try and nail them against the wall. Hello, electrocution! Rather than pin them to the walls, invest in a great cable tidy that can be put out of sight. Even better, drill a hole into a unit nearby to the wires and feed them through into the unit like a floating wall cupboard. Beautiful fixing and no visible wire – win, win!

These decorating tips can keep you from making big mistakes that can make the interior or exterior of your home look unsightly. You want things to be beautiful – make it happen and do your research!